Silke Ullrich


Let me know your wishes.
Together we can bring them to life.

From a first idea to
a finished draft

Let me the know way you want your firearm's engraving to look like. I will create a draft that can be developed further to the final stage. It goes without saying that I will consult in all aspects: the choice of subject, depiction, material and the engraving technique.

I will also be happy to design complex engravings for you, in which ornamental and figurative engraving are combined to a coherent whole. From many years of experience I know how to bring animal motifs to life in an authentic and lively manner.

Any engraving will be drafted first on a sheet of paper. Simple sketches are free of charge; complex, detailed drawings are offered according to a previous price agreement.

Planning and production

Engravings need to be planned well. Not only does this relate to the artistic concept, but also to the gun's manufacturing in total.

You should also have some patience, when you are going to commission me.

Complex engraving work takes time - and I am usually fully booked. For detailed information please refer to the



Once you have made up your mind and we have developed a concept of the engraving, I will be happy to coordinate all the additional work for you, e.g. colour case hardening, coordination work with the gunmaker.